Workshop and exhibition at Villa Iris, Santander, Spain, organized by Foundation Botin, 6-23 June 2016


The American artist Joan Jonas (New York, 1936) will direct Fundación Botín’s 2016 Visual Arts Workshop, to be held at Fundación Botín’s Villa Iris in Santander from June 6 to 23.

The 15 selected artists will both participate in the production of a new work by Joan Jonas and develop individual work that will focus on the subject of landscape, whether rural or urban. Using different approaches and perspectives, the artist will discuss the issue of sustainability in rural areas, taking into account “biodiversity and the conservation of traditions, architecture and landscape.” The resulting work will be presented at Villa Iris for two weeks as of June 23, while Fundación Botín’s exhibition space will feature the new work by Joan Jonas from June 24 to October 16.

Artists wishing to be considered for this workshop are invited to reflect upon the part landscape plays in their work. While this notion can of course be interpreted in different ways according to one’s interests and/or medium, the issue of sustainability in a rural area is an important one, whether from the standpoint of biodiversity, the preservation of traditions, architecture and landscapes. The issues implied are shared all over the world, as habitats are misused or disappear. One may choose any detail in the social network of nature to focus on. This might include certain systems such as roads or rivers, trees or wildlife.

Artist selected: Saverio Bonato (Italy); Sara Bonaventura (Italy); Aliansyah Caniago (Indonesia); Santiago Diaz Escamilla (Colombia); Galia Eibenschutz (Mexico); Ariel Elisabeth Gout (France); Allison Janae Hamilton (USA); Sonja Silke Hinrichsen (Germany); Noriko Koshida (Japan); Alessandra Messali (Italy); Carolina Redondo (Chile); Mara Danielle Streberger Elizalde (USA); Yusuke Taninaka (Japan); Phan Thao-Nguyen (Vietnam); Xavier José Cunilleras(España).